Common Client Issues


McDonald Public Relations has represented clients in several sectors of the energy industry. A strong communications campaign is critical to navigating the licensing process and securing the appropriate legislation to do business in the state of Texas.


McDonald Public Relations has worked with clients in the healthcare industry dating back to 2003 when aligning issues of medical privacy in the state of Texas with new federal legislation created numerous concerns for service providers in both the public and private sectors. Most recently, McDonald Public Relations delivered a litigation management media relations campaign for clients that have challenged the state in court regarding delivery of services to the most vulnerable populations.


Texas has more than 4 million schoolchildren in public schools. McDonald Public Relations has spearheaded grassroots campaigns to organize educators, parents, and administrators to advocate for sound public policy on education. Campaigns ranged from collaborating with statewide business groups to promote awareness of the importance of Pre-K education to rallying the education community to seek appropriate funding for textbooks.