Crafting the Story

Our Core Campaigns

Grassroots Organizing and Mobilization

McDonald Public Relations is expert at executing campaigns that generate grassroots support to the extent that constituents will contact their elected officials.  The process of selecting the population that will care about a given issue has not changed in the two decades that we have been engaged in these campaigns.  The approach to message development also remains solid.  What has revolutionized grassroots organizing is the speed and magnitude that mobilization tactics can be deployed with evolving social media technologies.

Public Outreach/Community Involvement Campaigns

Securing public support for a proposal or project within a specific community involves using many strategies ranging from enlisting support from opinion leaders to engaging citizens at community events.  The key to successful public outreach is to have a long-term plan that is sustainable. There is no shortcut to securing solid support and outreach efforts must be ongoing and genuine.

Comprehensive Legislative Media Strategies Consulting

McDonald Public Relations is seasoned in working with clients and their lobby teams to execute a communications campaign to support their legislative agenda.

Litigation Public Relations

McDonald Public Relations has extensive experience providing communications support to clients involved in litigation. In addition to leveraging relationships with the press in the major markets in Texas, we extend the media outreach to include trade press and national press when appropriate.